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While content here has been centered on the election, supporting Barack Obama, at this point, this site will be personal and of no interest to any particular interest group.  Instead, I will use it as a diary.  It will simply be my thoughts on life in general.

As a married man who has grandchildren, I came of age in the 1960’s.  I am Catholic and a citizen of the United States of America.  I have made my home in Colorado since early 1970’s.

My 80+ Mother says I have always been a reactionary – that if someone says “yea,” I will always say “nay.”  That might be true.  I have always been told my Grandpa,  W.C. Reynolds, an intelligent man who did not have the opportunity for education, would sit down on occasion and fire off a rant to the Bishop of his church or a local politician.  Apparently my Grandfather believed in “participatory democracy” in a way that I do as well.  It appears perhaps that he was born before his time.  He no doubt would have made full use of blogging and email in these days.

As someone who was raised in a church which had a radically ignorant, though well-meaning, Pastor with a fundamentalist bent – who associated himself with folk such as Lester Roloff; a church whose roles contained members of the John Birch Society, and perhaps KKK – a church in which the most ignorant of men were permitted to teach classes on Bible prophecy – a church in which I heard such things as the “Pope is the AntiChrist,” and the “Sunday School Quarterlies of the churches who belong to the World Council of Churches were printed in Moscow;” as someone who was raised in the midwest who came of age as John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy were assassinated for their beliefs – as someone who watched what happened in 1968 at the Democratic Convention in Chicago, who was drafted out of doing productive work with the mentally challenged to serve during the Vietnam War – as someone who lost many classmates who were not able to join other branches of the service – as someone who watched the institutionilized racism in the Air Force and tried to do something about – who opposed the war while doing his duty for his country and paid the price:

It has become my modus operandi throughout my life to at least ask the question – “Are you sure you have considered all the alternatives?”  In most cases, those who can even respond in a rational manner have been few and far between.  Yet, these people have held positions of authority and responsibility.

Raised in conservative influences, I have been accused of being a communist, a socialist, a liberal, a “ni-ni” lover.  I believe the only thing I have not been called is an Arab, (although I do have an Arab uncle and cousins.)  I find that I vote Democratic.

Raised in what some would call a “fundamentalist Christian background,” I am now Roman Catholic.

I have tried to raise the case for considering Barack Obama as President of this country since he first declared.  I find him to be an unusual character in American history.  Born of a white woman from Kansas and an African man from Kenya, both who were apparently well-educated and brilliant in their own ways – he is a man who pulled himself from a lower class existence to compete and come out on top at every level of education.  The editor of the Harvard Law Review who graduates Magna Cum Laude generally goes into practice at the most prestigious firms.  And he could have as well.  In this day and age, a man with his educational background who has black skin would be even more in demand to satisfy the ‘affirmative action” requirements in our society.  Yet he chose to work for the Catholic Charities in South Chicago as a low paid “community organizer.”  If you don’t know South Chicago and Gary, Indiana, you should know that it is a very bad place to live.  I used to hitch-hike through there as a young man.  A white boy can die there for being white. It is, or was in those days, a dangerous and completely poverty stricken place.  It was segregated into completely black communities living in squalor comparable to the streets of Calcutta in the richest country in the world.  Education systems were in collapse.  Public housing was allowed to run down to the point of inhabitability.  Unemployment exceeded 80%.  In the “City that Works,” prostitution, dealing in drugs, gang activity replaced gainful employment and supportive community structures.  Mainstream churches were nowhere to be found.

What kind of man is this, who goes to the poorest of the poor to assist them when he can live in the Ivory Towers of our culture?

I have stated my case strongly for his political candidacy.  I have supported him in those ways that I could – speaking out from my only platform – the internet.  I have volunteered and donated money.

I know I have offended some among you with my words, or those words that I chose to use from others.  I can only say this; I am sincere in my belief that much of America – the white – the privileged, are guilty of not paying attention to what goes on around you.  As American corporations have picked the “low hanging fruit” of cheap labor in other nations while failing to employ Americans, yet enjoying the fruits of our infrastructures and favorable tax structures that our society provided and passing much of the profits on to those in Wall Street – while the privileged among us have picked the “low hanging fruit” of the mortgage industry and cheap credit, only to bail out when confronted with a downturn to leave the rest of America to fend for itself – while the greatest transfer of wealth from the middle class to the wealthy in the history of humankind has taken place – while your government has been making war on the world, talking in grandiose and bellicose ways to the rest of the world, including our allies, in your name – you have been asleep at the switch.

We have allowed our country to collapse around us through complacency and lack of compassion.  Soon we will all be in the same boat – unemployed, poor and directionless.  I know some of you are saying – “What has this to do with me?  The Lord is coming soon to bail out the righteous.”

This is not the attitude that the Lord told us to have toward His return.  We are, indeed, to be working in the vineyards so hard that we are surprised by his return.  He told us to feed the hungry and cloth the naked as though it were Him Himself.

We need to be about our Father’s business.

“You can safely assume that you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.” – Anne Lamott


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