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Just got back from Denver – 100,000 strong in attendance!

Friday at the Hillary rally for Obama in Aurora, we volunteered to work with the ADA group seating and wheeling those who were not fully capable into a special area (required by law).  Today (Sunday) we volunteered again to work with the ADA.  As we were working with the ADA people we had excellent position to watch and listen and clap and holler!  This is the view we had.  I was able to spend some time talking to a staffer from the Obama campaign, which was very interesting for both of us, as he was very curious about what 1968-72 were like, particularly the DNC in Chicago with the police riots and all.  He started with Obama when he was 30 points down in the Primary. The chanting of “Yes We Can!” was more hope than belief.  As we chanted it today, it felt very much like it was about to happen.  We pray, Oh Lord, keep Barack safe in these last 8 days, and the years to come as we bring to pass much of what we have worked for, for so many years since the assassinations of John, Bobby and Martin.  “Yes, We Can and Will Change this Nation and the world around it, God willing!”

For those who are cynical about politicians in general,friday, we had an old lady in a wheel chair who wanted desperately to meet Hillary and thank her for all she had done for Barack.  We grabbed Sen. Ken Salazer and got him to help us get they lady up to Hillary and she spent about 5 minutes speaking with her very graciously with her whole attention.  It was thrilling.


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