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McCain/Palin call Obama Tax Plan “Socialism”

“I’ll say anything to win” McCain continues to describe Obama as a “Socialist” because he incorporates into his proposals the promise to use the same tax system that the US has always had since the inception of the IRS; a progressive income tax.  It is a system where the more one makes, the more tax one pays, and the ones who make the least pay the least.  Any other alternative will not work.

A “regressive” income tax would be where the poorest pay the most and the richest pay the least.  How well would that work, do you think?  Who would pay the most for infrastructure than those who benefit from it the most?  “Redistribution of wealth” is something which goes on at every level – most of the wealth collected by Washington comes back to those who are taxed in the form of roads, bridges, schools, defense, etc.

It has never been otherwise except under Bush where an ever increasing transfer of wealth from the middle class to the wealthy has taken place, to the point where the engine that drives the economy, the middle class, has been bankrupted under Bush. These are the people who pay for everything, not the wealthy.  These are the people making less than $250,000, the hourly worker, the middle manager.

These are not the blessed few who have more money than they know what to do with – who practice conspicuous consumption while the average family is trying to meet the mortgage, send their children to college, and maintain their health care.  Rolling back the tax changes made under Bush to the system under Reagan lowers the tax on the middle class and raises the tax on those that make more than $250,000 a year to Reagan levels, thus allowing the middle class to re-stimulate the economy.  Does that attack small business?  No, 90% of small business pays personal taxes, not corporate taxes, and do not net income more than $250,000 a year.  You can’t call Obama “socialist” unless Ronald Reagan is a socialist as well.  Warren Buffett, the richest capitalist in the world, endorses Obama, not McCain, who advocates more of the same.

That’s what got us to this point!


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